CEL GIS Certificate Faculty

The GIS Certificate program has 11 instructors with a range of geospatial expertise in academia, private industry, and local, state, and federal government. Information on their backgrounds and what courses they teach can be found below.

Andy Richardson

Education: M.A. Geography (SFSU)
Employment: California Department of Transportation
Courses Taught: Introduction to GIS, Data Acquisition, Spatial Analysis and Modeling

Andy Richardson started working in the GIS field at a small East Bay company in 1987. Since then he has managed the Multidisciplinary GIS Center at San Francisco State University, worked as a GIS Analyst for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, served as the GIS Specialist at the Teale Data Center's GIS Technology Center, and is now the GIS Manager of Caltrans; Central Coast district. His thesis investigated the incidence and dispersion of fires in the San Francisco Water Department Crystal Springs Watershed.

Lisa Wedding

Employment: Center for Ocean Solutions
Courses Taught: GEOG 9023: GIS and Remote Sensing for Coastal & Marine Science