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Professional Certificate in Geographic Information Science

The SFSU GIS Certifiate Program has been ongoing since 1994, helping to start the GIS careers of many Bay Area residents. With over 22 courses to choose from, students may take individual classes to enhance their skill set, or complete a series of courses to obtain either the general certificate or the certificate in environmental GIS. The program is designed to be accessible to individals just starting out in GIS, but rigorous enough for those already experienced in the field.

Program Objectives

San Francisco State University's GIS Certificate Program provides students with broad exposure to principles and applications of GIS. Certificate requirements are intended to parallel skills needed by GIS professionals. A student who has earned the GIS Certificate will be well-versed in GIS theory and will have knowledge and practical exposure to the following:

1) Hardware and software used in GIS,
2) Planning and construction of spatial databases,
3) GIS analyses, and
4) Representation of data in both mapped and tabular form.

Education is a key component of the GIS professional certification programs that have been evolving from the GIS Certfication Institute and Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). Both of the professional certifications allow application of credits with an accredited institution to satisfy a significant portion of the points needed to meet certification requirements.

Intended Audience

The program is designed for professionals, students and the general public in environmental resource management, urban and regional planning, local government, facilities management, and other fields who need to become skillful and knowledgeable users of geographic information systems. This program will most benefit entry–level and intermediate–level GIS users who lack formal education in geography or GIS. There are no academic prerequisites, and no previous experience with geographic information technologies is required.

Program Instructors

All instructors are formally educated GIS and have considerable professional experience. A student that completes the Certificate program will have taken classes from professionals in transportation GIS, agriculture GIS, database management, biogeography, education, geomorphology, and state and local government GIS. To learn more about individual instructors, click here.

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