ArcGIS Pro Installation Instructions

ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Installation Instructions

Esri provides free student evaluation copies of their software. ArcGIS Pro licensing is handled through ArcGIS Online, which all San Francisco State University affiliates can access as long as they have a valid university email address. To get set up with the software you will need to download it and then log in with your SFSU credentials. Please note that ArcGIS Pro is not compatible with a Mac operating system and runs on Windows only.

Step 1: Review Compatability Requirements

Review the ArcGIS Pro system requirements to ensure the software will be compatible with your computer

Step 2: Downloading and installing ArcGIS Pro

There are multiple ways to obtain the software including copying it from the Geography department server, downloading it from the Esri student edition website, or using a student edition DVD. Choose one of the following three methods.

A. SF State Box Folder:

B. Department Server:

  • Copy the Q:\Software\ArcGIS Pro 2.0 folder onto a flash drive (note it's ~970 MB) and save it on your computer.
  • Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 installed
  • Double-click on the ArcGISPro installer called ArcGISPro_20_156181 in the ArcGIS Pro 2.0 folder
  • Next install the latest patch installer called ArcGIS_Pro_201_158434 in the ArcGIS Pro 2.0 folder

Step 3: Licensing

Note that you MUST be connected to the internet. First ensure you have an account associated with the SF State ArcGIS Online organization. Instructions on how to log in to SF State's ArcGIS Online organization using your university credentials can be found here: or for a step by step guide follow the instructions on this ArcGIS Pro Enterprise Licensing PDF. Once you've sucessfully logged in to SF State ArcGIS Online organization you can then close out that browser window. Next, open the newly installed ArcGIS Pro application. Click on Sign In With Enterprise Account button. Enter as the ArcGIS Organization's URL.  Next, click on the Sign in to SF State ArcGIS Online Using Your San Francisco State University Account button. You should then be redirected to SF State's Global Login page where you can enter your  SFSU 9-digit student id number and associated password. When you're done using ArcGIS Pro, remember to log out of the session as you can only be logged in to three devices simultaneously.

Step 4: Updating to a new version

Once logged in to ArcGIS Pro, click on the About ArcGIS Pro tab. Under the Software Update section, click on the link to update to the latest version.