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Institute for Geographic Information Science

the center for geospatial research at San Francisco State University

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IGISc offers a full suite of innovative solutions to any person, department, college, or organization interested in establishing a GIS or expanding their current GIS/Remote Sensing capabilities. The services offered to the SFSU community by the IGISc are as follows:

GIS promotion and support:

to increase spatial literacy and the integration of GIScience in research and academic activities the IGISc maintains a web portal dedicated to disseminating information on geospatial technologies within the SFSU community.

Campus-wide GIS software distribution

Includes a large suite of products offered by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (ESRI). The user community consists of over 150 faculty and users (about 20 of which are considered lead faculty with regard to their interests in GIScience utilization), located in 5 colleges and schools representing approximately 20 departments, institutes or centers.

Technical support services for GIS

Includes ESRI and ERDAS software support, project and database design development, supporting digital data holdings and support for specialized classes. Technical support will be provided via an email support list, expert referrals, and follow up with ESRI and ERDAS on selected issues. The email-list shall be a forum for the licensees and related parties to discuss GIScience topics and issues regarding the site license, e.g. availability of new releases.

GIS data repository

The IGISc maintains a server to act as a clearinghouse for several SFSU departments datasets. The server is anticpated to be fully integrated with the forthcoming BSS Data Center providing interactive access via the web. Workstations part of the University network infrastructure can be configured to access the GIS data server upon consultation with IGISc staff.

GIS research project coordination and execution

The IGISc can provide a number of services related to supporting GIS research. TEnve range from limited consultation to complete design, coordination and execution of projects incorporating geospatial technologies. The rate of services shall be dependent on the level of the services required and duration of the project. Costs shall be determined after an analysis of the functional and design requirements by qualified IGISc personnel.

GIS and related computing services

The IGISc maintains a computing facility as part of its operations to provide support for GIS/Remote Sensing and related computing services, typically for the purposes of executing dedicated GIScience research projects and related work coordinated through the Institute. The Institute, in conjunction with the College of BSS IT Department, maintains one applications web server that can be used in some circumstances to deploy applications.

GIS training program

Includes short courses through the Professional Development Certificate in GIS, workshops and orientation sessions, contract training, specialized documentation and a reference library. In addition, the IGISc provides assistance utilizing GIS/Remote Sensing software and supporting hardware for enhancing curricula. SFSU faculty, staff, and students can contact the IGISc to coordinate the integration and use of GIS in teaching and research projects.

IGISc is firmly committed to empowering clients to use GIS technology to its fullest potential. For more information about how IGISc can help you, please explore this Web site. If you'd like to contact us to discuss how we can help you in this process, click here.

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