Getting Access to ArcGIS Online

Access to many applications like Business Analyst Online, Community Analyst Online, GeoPlanner, the App Studio, and Collector are all managed using ArcGIS Online credentials. Licensing for ArcGIS Pro at educational institutions is all handled through a named user model managed in ArcGIS Online. If you want to use ArcGIS Online standalone, or any of those other products you will first need to create an ArcGIS Online account. At San Francisco State University, we have enterprise log-ins set up so you can access these tools using your 9-digit student id number and your associated password through the SF State Global Login page. Instructions on how to get set up are below. 
  1. Go to San Francisco State's ArcGIS Online organization here.
  2. Click on the button to sign in to the SF State ArcGIS Online organization San Francisco State University.

ArcGIS Online Enterprise Login Screenshot

  1. You will be redirected to the SF State Global Login site. Enter your SF State ID or E-mail and your SF State Password. Click LoginSF State Global Login Screenshot
  2. You should be automatically logged in to SF State's ArcGIS Online organization. 

To get access to Business Analyst Online, see the instructions here. 

For information on how to get set up with ArcGIS Pro, see the instructions here.