ArcMap Installation Instructions

ArcMap Installation Instructions

Esri provides free student evaluation copies of their software and licenses that are valid for 12 months. To obtain a license code email Quentin Clark ( or Anna Studwell: ( To get set up with the software you will need to activate the student license code, download and install the software, and then license the product. Please note that ArcGIS is not compatible with a Mac operating system and runs on Windows only.

Step 1: Activating your student evaluation license

Review the ArcGIS Desktop system requirements to ensure the software will be compatible with your computer.

Register your license by visiting the Esri student edition website. Note that you will be prompted to create an Esri online account if you do not already have one.

 Esri account creation screenshot

Enter your authorization code (ex: EVA123456789).

 enter Esri authorization number screenshot

Step 2: Downloading and installing ArcGIS Desktop Advanced

There are multiple ways to obtain the software including copying it from the Geography department server, downloading it from the Esri student edition website, or using a student edition DVD. Choose one of the following three methods.

A. SF State Box Folder:

B. Department Server (preferred method):

C. Esri Student Edition Website:

D. Esri Student Edition DVD:

E. Installing the software

  • Accept License agreement and click “Next.
  • Select the first option (Complete installation type) and click “Next”.
  • Accept the default destination folder location.
  • Accept the default Python destination folder location.
  • Start the installation process by clicking the Install button. Note that it takes up to 15 minutes to complete. 
  • Note that in February, 2019 ESRI will require the security patch ArcGIS-1041-DT-TLS-Patch.msp to continue using the Living Atlas and other ArcGIS Online services that integrate with ArcGIS Desktop: 

Step 3: Licensing

When installation is complete, the ArcGIS Administrator wizard window will pop up. Choose the Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use option. Then select Authorize Now to launch the software authorization wizard.

 software product selection screenshot

Select the first authorization method (Authorize with Esri now using the Internet) and click “Next”.

Choose the first authorization option (I have installed my software and need to authorize it) and click “Next”.

 authorization options screenshot

Enter your name and contact information when prompted. Click "Next".

In the following window, enter your industry affiliation (Organization: Education-Student, Industry: Higher Education, Yourself: Student)

 authorization contact information screenshot

Enter the 12 digit authorization number (e.g EVA123456789) you activated earlier. Click “Next”.

 authorization number screenshot

Select the I do not want to authorize any extensions at this time option (extensions are automatically activated for the student edition).Click "Next".

 extension options settings screenshot

Click “Next” to skip the evaluation extensions window.

A message will show up to confirm the activation of your product. Click "Finish" when activation process is finalized. The installation is now complete.