ArcGIS Pro Installation Instructions

ArcGIS Pro Installation Instructions

ArcGIS Pro licensing is handled through ArcGIS Online, which all San Francisco State University affiliates can access as long as they have a valid university email address. To get set up with the software you will need to download it and then log in with your SFSU credentials. Please note that ArcGIS Pro is not compatible with a Mac operating system and runs on Windows only. You will need to either partition your hard drive using BootCamp (free) or purchase Parallels software ($) if you wish to use ArcGIS on a Mac. Learn more about setting up a Windows OS for Mac users here.

Step 1: Review Compatability Requirements

Review the ArcGIS Pro system requirements to ensure the software will be compatible with your computer

Step 2: Downloading and installing ArcGIS Pro

Download the software from SF State's Institute for Geographic Information Science's Box folder

  • Go to and log in with your SF State credentials prompted (i.e., your 9-digit id number and associated password)
  • Double-click on the ArcGISPro installer (the .exe file) to install the software (this may take a bit)
  • Next install any patchs (.msp files

Step 3: Licensing

Note that you MUST be connected to the internet. ArcGIS Pro is licensed through our ArcGIS Online SF State organization using your SF State SSO credentials (same 9-digit ID you use to check e-mail or your grades). Once you have signed into SF State's ArcGIS Online organization, you will automatically be assigned an ArcGIS Pro license and can use the same process to license the software, which you downloaded to your computer in Steps 1 & 2. 

For those who wish to update from an old version of Pro to a new version:

When updating between an older version of ArcGIS Pro, you have the option to click on the About ArcGIS Pro tab and choose to update to the latest version, however, note that if you have configured your software with any python dependencies (e.g. Spyder) you may need to uninstall the old version of your ArcGIS Pro software if relic folders have not been successfully overwritten. *Note if you are taking a class with us at San Francisco State, we encourage you to use the same version of ArcGIS Pro on your home computer that we have available through campus, which right now is ArcGIS Pro 2.8. This will reduce the problems you encounter with lab exercises if you move between working on a home computer and working on university computers or virutal machines.

Some useful ESRI references you may find helpful:

If you have trouble with installation, ask your SFSU GIS site license administrator for instructions to contact ESRI Technical Support.

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