ArcMap Installation Instructions (for faculty/students with a Single Use License)

ArcMap Installation Instructions

Esri provides free student evaluation copies of their software and single use licenses that are valid until San Francisco State University's contract ends each year. Please note that ArcGIS is not compatible with a Mac operating system and runs on Windows only.

Step 1: Download the software ArcGIS Desktop Advanced

Download ArcGIS from the SF State Box Folder:

Step 2: Download the license (called a provisioning file)

Download ArcGIS Licensing File from the SF State Box Folder:

  • Go to and log in with your SF State credentials if prompted (i.e., your 9-digit id number and associated password) and download the .pvrc file
  • Follow the steps in ArcMap Instructions guide in this folder to install and license the software using the .exe and .pvrc file you just downloaded