Notes from the IGISc

Three Things I've Learned About Creating Services in ArcGIS Online

Recently, I needed to create a map of some publically available datasets in Newark, New Jersey to share with community organizations there. I figured a web map would be the simplest solution, as it allowed exploration of these data without them needing to install software or me having to create dozens of .pdf maps. 

Tips on automating ArcGIS Pro licensing in a higher education environment

We had started exploring ways to teach with ArcGIS Pro back in April 2016 and quickly realized that named user licensing would be a major administrative barrier to adopting the software. For a one-off workshop we taught, it was fine manually provisioning thirty student users, but we didn’t think that would be scalable to 5+ classes each semester, especially when not having access at the start of the semester could be really disruptive to students.

Getting Juno GPS Units to Work with Windows 10

Recently I ran into a seemingly intractable problem--how to get our Trimble Juno SB units to connect to our computers running Windows 10 vis USB cab;e. They connected fine with Windows 8, and abruptly stopped functioing when we reimaged our computer lab for the spring semester. A search online turned up very little and we wound up buying SD card readers as a way to work around this issue and get our data in Pathfinder Office. 

Luckily it turns out to have been an incredibly simple fix courtesy of our student assistant, Quentin.