Systematic Stratified Unaligned Sample Instructions


Within the input polygon features, creates a randomly generated set of points, though one designed to minimize spatial autocorrelation, using a "stratified systematic unaligned sampling" algorithm (SSUS) originally proposed by Berry and Baker (1968).

May be used in a model which provides a feature class as input. Example uses a Select tool for this purpose, and applies a negative polygon buffer to reduce edge effects. Example model also sends the SSUS sample points to a Sample tool.

Berry, Brian J. L., and Alan M. Baker (1968). Geographic sampling. Ch. 3 of Berry, B. J. L., and D. F. Marble, Spatial Analysis: A Reader in Statistical Geography (Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice ‐ Hall), pp. 91 ‐ 100.

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Jerry Davis