Getting Juno GPS Units to Work with Windows 10

Recently I ran into a seemingly intractable problem--how to get our Trimble Juno SB units to connect to our computers running Windows 10 vis USB cab;e. They connected fine with Windows 8, and abruptly stopped functioing when we reimaged our computer lab for the spring semester. A search online turned up very little and we wound up buying SD card readers as a way to work around this issue and get our data in Pathfinder Office. 

Luckily it turns out to have been an incredibly simple fix courtesy of our student assistant, Quentin.

From our Juno SB (running OS Version 5.0.2) click on Settings >> Connections >> USB to PC and uncheck Enable advanced network functionality.

Juno Connection

This got all our units up and running and I hope this simple solution works for others who may be in the same situation.