Lab Hours and Alternative GIS Access Options

In the interest of safeguarding the health of our students, faculty and staff, San Francisco State University is taking steps to further limit the potential for the novel coronavirus to spread within our community per the directive from the university president on March 10, 2020. The IGISc has been researching methods for online instruction and off-campus software access for years. We are glad to be able to use our experience and the cooperation we have developed with campus ITS/AT to provide as effective remote support as possible for GIS teaching and research needs for SF State students, faculty, and staff. Given these capabilities and the circumstances, we have decided to close our in-person lab space to reduce risk of exposure for everyone.

In-person lab hours

HSS 290* Closed March 13 - May 31, TBD after that
HSS 272*

Closed March 13 - May 31, TBD after that

  *Note that the J.P. Leonard Library computers in the Digital Media Studio is now closed.

Remote Options:

1) Labspace: If you have access to a computer but are unable to get the software you need on it, contact your professor for access to LabSpace and check out guides at AT and our Labspace page.  Some programs available at Labspace:

* ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3

* ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4.1

* Erdas 2018


* Excel

* MatLab

and more...

2) GIS Student Licensing: Contact Anna Studwell ( or Quentin Clark ( to inquire about access to HSS 290 or HSS 272 or with questions about how to get ArcGIS or Erdas student licensing / software for your home computer.

3) J.P. Leonard Library: Contact Shawn Heiser ( with questions about GIS access in the J.P. Leonard Library