Brian Fulfrost

Brian Fulfrost
Brian Fulfrost and Associates
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GEOG 9033 GIS for Sustainable Planning and Urban Design

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Brian Fulfrost has 20 years of experience applying GIS and Remote Sensing to assist in sustainable/resilient urban planning, natural resource conservation and management and environmental and social decision-making and. His past work includes the use of geospatial technologies in vegetation mapping, predictive modeling, reserve design, socioeconomic inequality and food systems studies. He has worked in academia, for government and in private industry. In addition to teaching, he runs his own consulting business utilizing GIS, remote sensing and web/mobile mapping tools in innovative ways to better inform social and environmental decision making. He is currently working on a range of projects using GIS to better understand walkability, active transportation, green infrastructure, food access (including urban agriculture), public health and for quantifying the impacts of land use and transportation planning on GHG. He also continues to work with a variety of resource conservation agencies and non profits to incorporate GIS, remote sensing (UAS, airborne and satellite) and web/mobile techniques for mapping vegetation, habitats and developing decision support systems that account for climate changes and sea level rise.