Preparing for class


You will need to have your nine digit student ID and univeristy password to sign into iLearnThe required course materials are provided by the instructor through iLearn.  Students also receive a copy of ArcGIS Desktop (Windows only) and access to ESRI online courses to continue their GIS education outside of class. ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online access, and access to 500GB of storage in a SF State Box account will be provided as a part of the program and access will continue for the term that a student is active. 

Students who wish to work with ArcGIS using a Mac computer should consult Apple to configure BootCamp or purchase their own version of Parallels software as SF State's OnTheHub resources are not provided as a part of this program.

How to attend virtual class:

Classes during the fall 2020 semester will all be offered remotely online. Instructors will post Zoom links for virtual meetings in iLearn. Decisions about spring 2021 classes (whether classes will be offered online or in person "face to face") will be decided after notice from the  president of San Francisco State University in January, 2021.