IGISc Workshop, April 17, 2019: "Plotting and Mapping with R"

Come learn how to use R Studio for plotting and mapping! Hands-on exercises for workshop participants will demonstrate how to use ggplot2 and other tidyverse packages to create graphics and maps in R from open source data from the NOAA Marine Debris Program and Purple Air Air Quality Data.

Plotting and Mapping with R Materials and Data

Faculty Retreat, January 24, 2019: "R and GIS for Environmental Justice"

The EPA defines environmental justice as "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies." In this workshop we explore how to apply geographic methods using R and ArcGIS to spatially relate air quality data to human population demographics and proximity to spatial features such as freeways.

R and GIS for Environmental Justice Workshop Data

IGISc Workshop, November 28, 2018: "Getting Started with R"

This workshop goes over the basics of working with R and discusses advantages and challenges of using R scripts to create reproducible results. Hands-on exercises introduces workshop participants to basic statistical outputs, creating graphics and maps in R, and common methods for cleaning publicly available data for display and analysis in ArcGIS.

Getting Started with R Workshop Materials and Data

This workshop was developed with the following software:

Sierra Exercise

RStudio 1.0.153: download/licensing instructions:

Napa Schools Exercise

RStudio 1.0.153

ArcMap 10.4.1: download/licensing instructions:

Streets network dataset (only accessible in the HSS 290 and HSS 272 computer labs)

IGISc Workshop, April 12, 2017: "Getting Started with Web Maps"

Come learn how to create an interactive web map! We’ll discuss some of the advantages and challenges associated with online cartography, which is a valuable skill for jobs in academia, government, journalism, and nonprofitts. Hands-on exercises will introduce workshop participants to the basics of ArcGIS Online, CARTO, or Leaflet.

Getting Started with Web Maps Materials and Data

IGISc Workshop, May 4, 2015: "Open Source Tools Workshop"

Come learn how to work with open source GIS software. Hands-on exercises will introduce workshop participants to the basics of QGIS, Leaflet, and R.


OpenSource Materials and Data